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Havok on middleware for PS4 and Xbox One

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The Xbox One and PS4 delivered a significant amount of more RAM to developers and they seem to be quite happy about it.

Havok's Andrew Bowell talked about what it has been like to have more RAM and mentioned the fact that it is used up quite fast during development.

"Developers have long dreamed about more RAM. RAM has been so scarce over the last 20 years in console hardware that I feel many prayers have been answered this time around.

"However it will take absolutely no time for artists to use all available RAM, even 8 GB, you can be sure of that. In terms of Havok technology, it has always been our goal to enable developers to do more with less.

"Even with the large amounts of RAM available, the developers will still find ways to use even last byte. To that end, it is always a requirement for middleware to have the smallest possible memory footprint.

"This is also becoming even more of a requirement as console developers look at ways to bring their title to mobile platforms," Bowell said.

We spoke with a developer at Bethesda earlier last year and he referred to the pace in which RAM can be used and taken up. He jokingly, but seriously referenced artists as always being the ones to take up RAM the fastest.

The Xbox One and PS4 are still very young consoles, obviously, and we will gradually see just what developers can do with the systems over the next few years.

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