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Having multiple sex partners may be good for you

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A new study published in Social Psychology and Personality Science, a journal, has revealed a secret that it can be good for you to have casual sex.

A survey was conducted on nearly 400 college students by the researchers of Cornell University and New York University in which more than 40% students have admitted their sexual relationship with someone not in their routine relationship. Initially students were asked to tell about their inclination towards sociosexuality and their tendency towards casual sex. The report of this study was based on the responses of the students about their attitude, desire and behavior towards such sexual relationship.

According to this study students who admitted to sleep with others to have unrestricted sociosexual relationship have found themselves happier after their casual sex. On the basis of their findings, that informal sex increases sensation and reduces stress, these researchers have suggested that increased sociosexuality may affect you two ways as along with enjoying the benefits of casual sex its harmful consequences can be controlled successfully.

It will be interesting to quote here a few months old findings of the same Ph.D. researcher of Cornell University, Zhana Vrangalova when he commented that casual sex usually cause depression to the participants.

So how you can understand this contradictory attitude about casual sex? In fact this difference can be understood on the basis of the motivational reasons behind this relationship.

The motivation for casual sex can be divided in to two categories, right and wrong. When this motivation is self governed and independent then it is right and affects your well being positively but when it is non-autonomous or forced by others then it is wrong and affects you adversely. Self governed motivation for this type of sex is that when you yourself want to find out and learn your sexual potentials or want to enjoy the fun of sex. But forced motivation is when you go for sexual relationship of this kind not for your pleasant feelings but to satisfy yourself by taking revenge from someone or under the influence of some drug which unables you to take right decisions or forcefully involved in to it by the tricky attitude of someone.

Earlier Vrangalova was of the view that whether the students are hooked up with someone during the course or not but by the end of the year their relationship may not do any good for their well being as most of them are motivated for it due to non-autonomous reasons because till then well-being was not linked with the autonomous motives of casual sex.

Therefore, in case a student gets involved in to sociosexual relationship due to non-autonomous or wrong reasons, as defined earlier, then he gets directly linked with enhanced anxiety and stress. According to the researchers of this study casual sex can be good for your well being only if you go for it for exploring your sexual potential or for enjoying its fun. In other conditions this type of sexual relationship will increase your stress and affect you adversely.