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Having internet access can save you money on cable

Having internet access can save you money.
Having internet access can save you money.
Photo provided by Sean MacEntee via Flickr

Having internet access is not only a luxury, but a need in today's world. If you use the internet wisely, you can save yourself a lot of money. With that, here are three things that having online access enables you to do without needing cable.

Favorite shows

Many of your favorite television shows can be streamed on line through their perspective television network websites. Or, you may be able to watch your favorite older episode via YouTube user posts.

One of the best ways to view your favorite television series is through Netflix. Their online subscription service is very cheap and allows you to watch full seasons of your favorite sitcoms, reality shows, documentaries, and more.


When it comes to sports, you can go to just about any major website's (Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc.) sports page and find scores. Or, you can go directly to sports centered websites to get better stories, game times, and standing of your select team(s).

Many of these websites will allow you to keep up with sports events in real time. You may even be able to stream a live game to watch on your computer, tablet, or Smartphone.


Though watching the news on television can be habitual, you can get the same news online. You can go to many of the thousands of news websites to see what is going on in the world. Or, you can go to your local news channel's website to see what is or has taken place in your hometown.

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