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Having God's inner sunshine bring a spring-like renewal to our lives

I can see by looking at the calendar that today, March 20th, is the first day of spring and the end of the winter season. I can also see that spring has arrived by the way that the weather has become warmer and I can see that God has been bringing some flowers and flowering trees out of their winter rest.

Just as God is waking them up and providing the warm sunshine to help them grow and become beautiful; so also God can bring the warmth of the inner sunshine of His love to melt away the areas of people’s lives that may have become cold or bitter from fighting the many problems that the long, cold, and snowy winter has caused them.

As people are seeing the beauty that God is showing them as He renews the earth from its winter rest, let people ask God to renew them through bringing the inner warmth of the sunshine of His love and the power of the Holy Spirit to melt away any cold or bitter inner attitudes and restore the inner beauty of being God’s creation.

Doing these things will be easy for those people who have a personal relationship with God through having Jesus Christ as their personal Savior They can have God bring a wonderful renewal to their inner lives through the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit.

Those people who don’t yet have such a personal relationship with God can develop it by first asking God to forgive them for breaking his laws. Next, they need to ask Jesus Christ to become their personal Savior and spiritually apply His atoning work on the cross to their lives.

When people do those things God will forgive them for breaking His laws, remove the spiritual death sentence that they deserved for breaking God’s laws, take them out of the Devil’s spiritual kingdom of darkness, make them a member of God’s spiritual kingdom of light, make them God’s newly restored creations, and send the Holy Spirit to live inside of them to give them the insight and ability to live according to God’s principles of living found in the Bible.

As Christians daily read the Bible to learn God’s principles and talk to God in prayer about their problems, they can develop a close relationship with God that will not only help them with the many problems that they will have during the rest of their journey of life; that close relationship will also help them become a beautiful flower in the garden of God’s spiritual kingdom of light as they are living according to God’s principles while they are going through their daily activities in our modern society.

Therefore, on this first day of spring, let everyone enjoy the beauty of God’s renewal of the earth and also experience the personal renewal brought by the warmth of the inner sunshine of God’s love for them.

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