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Having fun outside together as a family

Obstacle courses are a fun way to spend time together and get fit!
Obstacle courses are a fun way to spend time together and get fit!

If we bother to look around at our fellow community members, we see a wave of unhealthy, overweight or obese family members. From oldest to youngest, the average weight of Americans continues to be high. Unfortunately many individuals would rather sit on the couch and watch television, search sites on the computer or play video games than they would get out and do something outside as a family. Where nighttime rituals used to begin with dinnertime at the table and then some together time before bed, now people eat whenever they want, wherever they want and everybody has their own interests.

Sean Hastings wants to change all of that and summertime is the perfect time for him to begin his mission! Thus he has scheduled the first Spartan Kids Race for Kids, Teens and Families for 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, August 2nd to take place in Frontier Park located at 3380 Cedar Glade Drive in Naperville, Illinois.

Naperville is a family-oriented community, so it is perfect for Hastings’ dream of creating a new (old) reality – that it is fun to get outside together – and to exercise! The Spartan Kids Race for Kids, Teens and Families is an obstacle course that will give both parents and their children a better opportunity to exercise together in a fun and exciting way.

The developer believes in his mission so much that he also wants to see people of all ages with intellectual disabilities or special needs to be able to compete. Every family will have the option of choosing either the 2K or 4K course. Kids ages five to 18 are invited to participate with their parents, guardians or other adult loved ones.

If the family wants to be competitive, they should train together – thus creating more family time. Parents can use the training time as bonding time as well; witnessing the strengths of each of their particular children and building upon those results.

Kids only want to have fun and this obstacle course should be able to provide lots of fun and excitement for each and every family member. Besides that, it should tickle your competitive side! Every family member will learn about perseverance, physical activity – and even healthy eating (as that is equally important as an athlete).

Although this together time is not the traditional dinnertime activity of old, at least it offers an opportunity for Americans to get up off from their couches and spend some quality time with their children! If you would like more information or would like to register your family for this upcoming event, go to

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