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Having doubts about the fiance? Pay attention to them, researchers say

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A recent study conducted by UCLA psychologists set ought to determine the validity of pre-marriage doubts about marriage. That is, they wanted to determine whether or not having doubts about one's fiance was correlated with divorce and unhappy marriages. They determined that females have serious doubts prior to their weddings are more likely to end up in unhappy marriages or become divorced.

While pre-marital doubts are common, Justin Lavner, the UCLA doctoral candidate in psychology who led thet study, says that they are not benign. Furthermore, it is not even necessarily the case that everyone has them. Many do not, and are quite confident about their imminent marriage. The researchers determined that uncertainty prior to the women, especially when this occurred in women, was correlated with marital dissatisfaction and divorce rates.

More specifically, wives who had expressed doubts prior tot heir wedding were 2.5 times more likely to be divorced within 4 years of marriage than those who did not express these doubts. Furthermore, those who had expressed doubts prior to marriage but who were still married 4 years later expressed a great deal less satisfaction with their marriage than those who had not expressed such doubts.

19 percent of women who had expressed doubts prior to the wedding were divorced 4 years later, as opposed to the 8 percent who did not report such doubts. In the case of men, 14 percent who expressed pre-marriage doubts were divorced within 4 years, as opposed to 9 percent who did not. Of the 36 percent of couples who had doubts about their marriages, 6 percent had gotten divorced within 4 years. When the husband alone had doubts, 10 percent ended up divorced. When the wife alone had doubts, 18 percent ended up divorced, and when both had doubts, 20 percent ended up divorced.

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