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Having a Budding Romance

Some people think that love happens right away. That is because those people turn to online or go out to bars to meet someone.

Budding romance is when you get to know someone for awhile and something happens. That love doesn't just happen in the movies but it happens in real life. Ever see co-workers fall in love? It didn't happen day one but they took the time to get to know each other and it happened.

The best thing about having a budding romance is you get to know the other person. When you date someone for the first time it is all about putting your best foot forward. With a budding romance you know all of the other person's good points and down falls.

If you are friends or just getting to know a guy and he hasn't made a move don't worry. Be his friend or get to know him. Not all romances start at bars or online. Sometimes it takes awhile before two people come together. After all it is all about timing and fate. Good things take time so don't put a time limit. Have fun and get to know the guy you want. You never know what happens.

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