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Have you used the Make up Genius Yet ?

Have you seen it yet ? L'Oreal Paris once again is ahead of the pack with beauty app Make Up Genius .This app is so sophisticated and has set a new standard for beauty apps.

The app on Itunes
JG/ Windows Nokia 1020
L'Oreal Pais new app The Make Up Genius
Jill Goldsberry

What can you do with it ? More like what can't you do? This app is so advanced it reads you facial composition skin type and more with advanced facial mapping technology. It's the first time this 3D type of technology has been used in the beauty industry , it's only been seen in Hollywood and the video game industry.

The game changing technology came to L'Oreal via Guive Balooch, Global Director of the Connected Beauty Incubator .His function at L'Oreal Paris is to create an innovative, logical marriage between beauty and new technologies . So the beauty world had to ask .

Is it the beginning of a new augmented reality era in beauty?

Yes, we believe that one major trend in the future of beauty lies in the virtual reality experience and will be a new and powerful way in how our consumers try on products, beauty coaching, personalization, and

ultimately a new level of performance of products to our beauty consumers. The goal is to empower all our

consumers around the world, with science, to try on any L'Oréal product with just a click of a button and their smart phone.

Using the app

The only way to truly get this experience is to try it . Your skin tone, eye color and face.shape are all scanned. You can literally make up in real time without ever trying on an drop of make up. Choose the look you'd to try and The Make Up Genius captures 64 facial data points and up 100 expressions.Users get a full on experience right from their smart phone, iPad or iPhone wherever you are. Then purchase the look right there from the app! You will never buy your make up the same way again and you'll know for sure that is your shade.

Look for the free app on iTunes .

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