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Have you taken the diet supplement that has caused nearly 100 hepatitis cases?

Are you taking one of the diet supplement that has caused nearly 100 hepatitis cases
Are you taking one of the diet supplement that has caused nearly 100 hepatitis cases
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It is a habit that you probably undertake every single morning when you want to keep your diet resolutions intact. You pop a diet supplement in your mouth and you are good to unless it is one that has caused nearly 100 hepatitis cases in America. According to Fox News, a very popular diet supplement has caused a recent severe liver disease outbreak across the nation. The alleged culprit is the dietary supplement OxyElite Pro which is manufactured by USPLabs.

Currently there have been nearly 100 people in at least 16 states who have experienced hepatitis. Even more serious, there 47 people have been hospitalized and, “three needed liver transplantations and one person who died,” reported Fox News.

The fat burning diet supplement was causing people concerned with losing weight illness as early as last May, 2013. By September when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) discovered the seriousness of the deadly problem there were a number of cases and the manufacturer halted sales of the weight reducing supplement in October.

Unfortunately for the victims of the dietary supplement, the FDA does not regulate weight supplement content until after they appear on market. In effect, the test monkeys are truly the buying public. It is true that doctors can warn the medical officials about their concerns about the harmful effects in certain dietary supplements by contact MedWatch.doct online.

The problem is that by the time there is critical mass built up to clearly show that a weight supplement is having negative effects on users; the product may have irreparably harmed hundreds, thousands or more.

The answer may be in congressional action in order to make certain that the FDA is allowed to require that all ingredients in dietary supplements have safety testing before they appear on the market.

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