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Have You Taken the Cold Water Challenge for Lisa’s Army?

Lisa's Army

What a spring for a cold water challenge! That’s because it was a cold winter and spring has been cooler than usual so pools, creeks and especially backyard hoses are freezing!

Not yet familiar with what a “cold water challenge” is? Well the word is spreading through social media such as on Facebook and the idea is to raise awareness about cancer. People help keep the memory of those who have left us too soon alive by experiencing the exhilarating effect of some kind of REALLY COLD water by jumping into a pool or getting as we used to say "wet by the hose".

Here’s a little insight from the Lisa’s Army FB page: Remembering Lisa Loonstyn-Golden today for whom an Army has formed to honor her life through carrying out her wish-to comfort those battling cancer and to spread the word about the symptoms of ovarian cancer. We vow to continue to work relentlessly each day to fulfill her legacy. Continue the fight with us. Help us comfort those in need and save lives by spreading awareness about ovarian cancer. Lisa, we love you and we miss you. Through us, you will continue to change lives.

The cold water challenge is spreading rapidly and there has been some really creative splash down. In the case of a big truck driver from Pennsylvania named Arthur G. Schandel Jr.the cold water challenge took the form of submerging himself into a kiddie pool full of pure ice water. So you can see that there are fun yet freezing and creative ways for you to show your support.

Well when taking your challenge remember to nominate others to take the challenge within 24 hours and please be careful. Breaking bones or getting washed out into the Arctic Ocean is never a good idea!

Lisa’s Army will be having their 3rd annual pool party on June 21st. Additional information can be found on the group Facebook page or website. Come out and show Lisa that she and others who battled cancer do indeed remain in your hearts and the fight will go on in their name!

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