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Have you started your summer reading?

My first completed book for the Arlington Public Library's Summer Reading Challenge.
2012 Patricia Cook

Even though it’s not officially summer yet, summer reading challenges have already kicked off in some Tarrant County libraries, and are about to start in others.

Are you taking part in a reading challenge this summer, and have you got your first book ready? I’m participating in the Arlington Public Library’s reading challenge this year—the first time for me—and I find I’m really excited about the prospect! Maybe it’s because the prospect of reading for a “cause” makes me feel good about spending a day reading a book while ignoring chores and other activities.

I’ve already finished my first book: I sat down after dinner one evening and barely moved until the book was done. Not because I set a goal of finishing the book, but because I got so involved, the time flew by and I just had to know how it all came out. In case you’re wondering, that book was The Memorist, by M J Rose, and it was about reincarnation.

I know I can’t keep up that pace all summer, but it was certainly a good start. I have a couple other books ready to go, and when I finish those (and I’m dedicated to doing that), I have a couple titles on a list, but I’m also willing to just browse the library shelves and see what jumps out at me as interesting.

How do you choose the books you want to read?
Do you research and make lists, do you get recommendations from friends and family, or do you browse at the library or bookstore? Or maybe it’s a combination of all of these methods. It doesn’t really matter how you choose your books. However you get them, it’s the reading that’s important.

If you haven’t already, it’s not too late to join in on a reading challenge—and to make a summer of reading even better, there’s the possibility of winning a prize, too! For information about the reading clubs and challenges at Tarrant County libraries this summer, read this article.


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