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Have you seen the creep pulling down women's underwear?

An unsavory character has been pulling down the underwear of five women in public in the Sherman Oaks and Van Nuys, Calif. suburbs of Los Angeles, and the police are releasing some surveillance photographs with the hopes of catching the creep.

Other drawings from victim descriptions in June.
Other drawings from victim descriptions in June.
This is the face of the suspect police want to find.

The Los Angeles Police Department from the Van Nuys Division released the photos and past sketches of assault victims and they urge that you contact them immediately if you know anything about them, or recognize the photos (also look through the gallery).

Look at the photos and the drawings and if you know anything, immediately call Van Nuys detectives at 818-374-0040 or 877-527-3247.

Police detectives released the surveillance videos on Thursday, and they are hoping that the release of the photos may lead to the capture of the culprit. The women were walking on streets in public suburban areas of Sherman Oaks and Van Nuys, and the five of them were approached by the man. The suspect pulled down the pants and underwear of the women.

The sexual battery assaults took place on the women on five separate days in June in generally the same area. The assaults happened in an area bordered by Halbrent Avenue on the west and Cedros Avenue on the east, Hatteras Street on the north and Morrison Street on the south, according to the police.

In all of the incidents, the women were walking along and they were with their dogs in the early mornings. He makes eye contact and then attacks them from the back, pulling down their pants and underwear.

Some of the sketches in the photo gallery above were made after victims described the suspect during the attacks in early June. The other photo surveillance photos were made after the latest attack.

The suspect:
White or Hispanic, black or brown hair, brown eyes,
5-foot-7 to 5-foot-9 inches tall
145 and 160 pounds,
possibly in his early to mid-20s,
driving late model four-door gray Toyota Camry or Ford Taurus.

Again, if you know anything or see anyone matching this description call Van Nuys detectives at 818-374-0040 or 877-527-3247.

For police information about protecting yourself from Sexual Assault, go here:

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