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Have you seen Naima Hagi?

Naima Hagi vanished back in July
CBC News/Kitchener-Waterloo

Have you seen this missing woman? This Aug. 13 report shares that 23-year-old Naima Hagi vanished back in July, but her story hasn't hit media headlines until this week. Her loved ones are worried about her, and police -- who have been investigating her disappearance since July -- are now turning to the public for help in locating her (or at least finding out what may have happened to her). There could be the possibility that she's voluntarily missing, but anything is probable in a case with so few details.

Police reportedly said that the woman could be in Toronto, which means she could be voluntarily missing. However, it's been a handful of weeks since she had any kind of contact with her friends or family, which is unsettling. Could this missing woman have met some kind of foul play? Currently there is no evidence of such a thing, but with each day that passes and she's not found, it becomes harder and harder to ignore the possibilities.

Police want anybody with information about this woman and her case to call (519)650-8500 with extension #4435. She is described as having a dark complexion with shoulder length dark hair and brown eyes that may look hazel in some lights. She could be wearing a head scarf. Any other details about this woman and her case aren't currently known, but it's apparently up to the public to help investigators find out what happened to her. Hopefully she is safe and unaware that her case is hitting news reports -- and if this is the case, she'll hopefully make contact with her loved ones.

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