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Have you hit your first fitness roadblock of 2014?

So much is made of the new years fitness resolution. The new year dawns a new beginning for people to look at their goals. The gyms get packed people buy new gear for their home and millions of fitness DVDs are sold. The gym faithful hate the extra people in their way and can't wait until February when they thin out. The great news is every year a small percentage become achievers.

Young lady doing work!

How do you become a achiever? First re-look at your goals and break them down into smaller ones. Fitness is a lifestyle change and results happen slowly with hard work. It is not the time you put in but the value of that time. Now for the thing that we all know but do not want to admit. If weight loss is your goal diet is 60 to 80% of the answer. Now you can lose weight with just diet but it is a percentage game. If you eat a 80 to 100% clean diet (based on your needs and food allergies) you will lose the weight. Exercise is like extra credit 20% for free if you do the hard work. Here are 5 free tips on how to get your extra credit!

1. Seek help, just because you paid your $10 or $20 gym membership does not mean you can workout effectively. Hire a trainer or take some classes by someone who can point you in the right direction. Watch a trainer or ask for a free workout before you pay for a package. Not all personal trainers gel with everybody, you need to find one who fits your personality. Some people need just a start up plan and others need the commitment of meeting someone for a workout. Only you can know which you are. Tip: If you can't afford one look for a group class or find a trainer that does semi private sessions and find a friend to share in the cost.

2. If you workout at home don't buy gimmicky crap. Yes I said crap! I you buy a treadmill or elliptical buy quality first then look at features. If you can't afford quality look at a bike or rower they are generally less expensive. If you buy used be careful you trust the person selling it. A lot of false claims are made about the re-manufacturing process.

3. Goal setting is important as I mentioned earlier. Set small achievable goals. Your first goal is to make exercise a habit. It takes 20 to 30 days to make a habit and you are going to have to force yourself to get over that hump. Put a calendar on your fridge and put a big red X on each day you completed your exercise. The calendar also will remind you of your hard work when you open the fridge door.

4. Get good gear, properly fitted shoes and cloths that give you the support you need to exercise. It is not a fashion show shop functionally.

5. Have exercise available to you wherever you go. When you travel stay at a place with a fitness room. Have stuff at home to supplement even if you are a club person. Suspension straps and body weight equipment wont break the bank and can be a good home supplement when you can't get to the gym. It is also nice to have a home cardio option for those days as well.

Good luck and welcome to the healthy team!

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