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Have you heard the news? Jesus is coming soon!

Second Sunday of Advent
Second Sunday of Advent
author unknown


  • xexon 5 years ago

    Entertain me here for a moment.

    Christianity has the symbolism mixed up. None of this has anything to do with Jesus the person.

    The second coming is the awakening of the inner Christ that lies dormant in all people. In fact, the stories about end of days and even Armageddon are about this same thing.

    The end of days is about the end of religious belief. Armageddon is about people such as you and I involved in the discussion of belief versus spiritual sight.

    This will reach a climax when the religious of the world try to pull the trigger on civilization. So as to provoke the coming of Messiah A, B, or C. Both Iran and zionist Christians are at the forefront of this today.

    All the Abrahamic religions await their own version of a world messiah. All three have misunderstood the message. So they're prepared to upend the world all because of what they believe in versus what their own spiritual sight reveals to them.

    Which is practically nothing.

    As I've stated elsewhere, God realization lays religious belief in the ground. Dead and buried.

    But it is the religious of the world who pretty much control the world. They also use it as a method of control over the people. Grafting in political ideology as they go.

    A God realized individual is a threat to their whole power structure here on earth. They killed Jesus for it. So you can see why they might fear a mass blooming of humanity with the Christ awake inside them.

    The second coming is about YOU, and whether or not you can manifest what Jesus was inside your own being.

    It's not going to stop the war that's coming however. Because as humanity reaps, humanity sows. War is a way to clear out the backlog of hatred that build up in civilization over time.

    The best any of us can do is avoid being caught up in it's path. Because afterward, the religious of the world (Abrahamic religions) will be hunted. You will be seen as starting the war that broke the back of civilization as you now know it.

    I plan to watch from a distance. Maybe pop some corn.


  • Profile picture of Vanessa Barnes
    Vanessa Barnes 5 years ago

    I say good for you! You can sit wherever and pop whatever. As for me, if I have it wrong, I have it wrong from Christ himself and that is something I am willing to live and die with.

  • xexon 5 years ago

    Sorry love, but you got it from people who wrote about Christ. Not the same thing.

    Until your own inner vision begins to function, you will not know otherwise.


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