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"Have You Heard of the Pygmy Monkeys?"

On our travels, I saw monkeys on the highways, beaches and all around Costa Rica but was not aware of the pygmy Marmosets or finger monkeys.

You can hold the pygmy Marmosets or finger monkeys in one hand, their bodies are about the size of a person’s finger.
(Photos by Flickr, Buzzle and Anonymous)

You can hold them in one hand, their bodies are about the size of a person’s finger. The monkey hugs the finger as it holds on.

Pygmy monkeys live on river basins located close to forests, cultivated lands, on the sides of streams, in bamboo thickets and in flooded areas.

They are native to South Africa, Brazil, Peru, Northern Bolivia, Ecuador, the Upper Amazon Basin and Southeastern Colombia.

These pygmy monkeys are said to be the tiniest living primate in the world. The Pygmy marmoset‘s body length ranges from 5.5-6.3 inches and grows to a maximum length of 11-15 cm, weighing nearly 129-190 grams. Its prehensile tail measures 15-22 cm.

These monkeys climb trees by using its claws.

You may miss their small bodies when they hide in the forests.

Even though the monkeys are small, they can jump up to 16’. When confronted, the pygmy monkeys raise and flatten their ear tufts, arch their backs and grimace to show they are ready to fight.

We enjoy seeing monkeys on stage in animal acts as each of the species of monkeys but it is advised not to take them home as pets. There are laws which prohibit monkeys and other wild animals from within the city.

The documentary film “Elephant in the Living Room” showed how baby pets become hostile when they grow up. Many people just let their wild pets go into a forest or other places to get rid of them. The public don’t realize how many wild animals wander around.

The feeling of being close to wild animals attracts many people. When I was in Australia, the animal sanctuaries were filled with kangaroos and koala bears moving freely. Visitors could walk around and have the feeling of being close to the animals.

Costa Rica’s animal sanctuary national parks were a thrill seeing monkeys that did not fear humans. In the jungle, the Howling monkeys scampered around our cabin but didn’t approach us.

Honduras offers guests their own jungle in Roatan island’s nature park. There is so much to do, you can stay the day.

The most impressive location with seemingly wild animals that acted tame was in the Galapagos Islands, in Ecuador. You can sit next to the seals and swim with the pelicans. 

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