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Have you heard of Ohiya: The Art of Making Friends?

Ohiya defines the art of making friends--locally
Photo: Courtesy Ohiya

Moms are responsible for a number of tasks throughout a given day. Moms must stay on top of everything family related—and keep up to date on everything local, everything trendy, and any local item “everyone” is wearing or doing. If the family lives in Central Ohio and has not yet seen the Ohiya product line, mom may have missed something that should have tipped a Columbus Mom’s "radar".

What is Ohiya? Ohiya products are the collaborative effort of Columbus based designer Jason Tharp and Ohio’s Ripple Junction. The design line covers t-shirts, keychains, lanyards, plush toys, posters, and various items for teens and young adults. The concepts of the designs are pretty straightforward: playful, fun—and attention getting. Tharp’s designs are unique and thought provoking enough to yield a smile filled hello--and even result in a friendship. Ohiya combines actual artwork with the act, or art, of making friends.

What do teens and young adults like about Ohiya? Local Ohiya enthusiasts love the fact that the designer has local roots—Jason Tharp is a lifelong Columbus area resident. There is always something remarkable about that hometown connection. Ohiya; however, also has rather unique designs and classic cartoon inspired images that provoke interest and thought—in both wearers and onlookers.

Can moms use Ohiya to a stay at home mom’s advantage? While the products are trendy and fun for teens, there is also a moral in the Ohiya story for parents of aspiring teen artists. Jason Tharp followed an interest in art and then he realized a future in art and creative design. He attended a Central Ohio college known locally for design studies. After graduation, Tharp put countless hours of efforts in building his artistic dreams into a business world reality. What better way to inspire Central Ohio, artistic teens than with a realistic, local success story?

Interested in learning more about Ohiya products? Visit

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