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Have You Got Good Nutrition?

Chances are your nutrition is terrible. Or at least, your nutrition plan is good but you allow yourself far too many treats. Take today for example. How many snacks have you treated yourself to today. The bottom line: You can't succeed if your diet is average.

Most people's nutrition plans are far too poor to allow them to lose fat. No workout will help you build muscle and lose fat if you keep eating at fast-food restaurants, drinking sugary sodas and raiding the bags of left over mini-candy bars.

And it's frustrating because the secrets to fat loss nutrition is so simple. The best approach is eating several small meals per day, with each meal containing lean protein, vegetables, and other whole foods. You must eliminate unnecessary calories such as soda and high-fat, high-sugar snacks (like that mini Snickers bar that is on your desk right now). If you are trying to lose fat, you can't have treats every day. If fat loss is the goal, then cookies, apple pies, ice cream, nachos, fried foods, etc. just don't make the cut.

By increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables (never put a limit on the number vegetables you eat as long as they are not fried or covered in fat or sauces), and replacing some carbohydrates with almonds (a source of fiber, protein and monounsaturated fats) leads to greater weight loss. Almonds are a healthy snack and help curb hunger. A typical serving is 1 ounce of almonds (about 22 pieces) and can replace chips, chocolate bars and cookies in your diet.

Make sure you are logging your food intake and making notes about your energy levels when you eat certain foods. Soon you will identify the nutritional reasons for your fatigue or for your consistent energy levels. You will quickly associate sugar and fired foods with poor mental performance, while noticing that small, whole, natural food-based meals and snacks help keep you alert and full of energy.

If you are overweight and just starting to improve your nutrition, there is good news for you. You should beginning losing at least 1 pound per week (probably 2 or more) simply from the changes in your nutrition plan.

Nutrition is that powerful. It won't happen over night. Don't expect to be able to start eating perfectly by tomorrow. Just try to improve your nutrition plan everyday. Stay focused and consistent. You can do it.


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