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Have you gone nuts?

Brain food!
Brain food!
Julie Wanner, CMA, AS, FIFHI Certified

Well, it’s only January and I hope you’re staying stress-free. If you have diabetes, it is critical that you do otherwise your blood sugars will increase. Stay focused instead of needing to get things done quickly. Did you know that when you multi-task you’re actually operating on automatic pilot? Yes, and multi-tasking enables you to make mindless decisions that may cause serious problems. Instead, remind yourself to take a deep breath, relax, slow down and give each moment your full attention, so you can respond to people and events in a caring way. The benefits when you do this are a decrease in blood pressure, blood sugars, and a peace of mind. In addition, serious mistakes are less likely to happen.

This year I would recommend you eliminate toxic stress immediately. Take control of your thoughts. Find out what is zapping your energy and remove it from your life. Put the cell phone down and stop texting. Step away from the computer and take a leisurely walk. Meet an optimistic friend for lunch or a cup of tea. Read an actual book. Not an electronic book. Close your eyes and take a nap. Crank up your favorite music and dance or workout on the bike or treadmill. Go to the beach and relax. Have a spa day just the way you like it. Pray and stay strong in your faith.

Just so you don’t go nuts make sure your brain is getting adequate nutrients from whole foods. If you consume processed foods, wrong foods for your blood type, simple carbohydrates, sugary drinks and foods you’ll experience a blood sugar spike then have to take more insulin and or medication which will lead to a blood sugar crash. Instead, eat the right foods for your blood type and always include healthy fats like olive oil and nuts. Raw macadamias or dry roasted with sea salt will nourish your brain and keep it functioning efficiently.

This year, go a little nuts enjoy your macadamias!

*Allergy Information: Do not eat if you have a nut allergy.