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Have you experienced traveling mercies from God?

Have you ever looked to the clouds and seen a formation that resembled a human face, or an animal, or an angel - wings and all? Traveling from Minnesota to Kansas by car are many miles to look out on God's creation. During this near-dozen hour journey (counting stops fuel and breaks for small children), I saw an image that resembled the modern depictions of Christ. Unfortunately, my camera battery went out before I could take the photo. After changing the battery, I attempted to take a picture of another image in the sky. The resulting photo was something unexpected.

The driver's reflection shone on the window and appeared to be in the clouds. This brought to mind the phrase I hear among believers when a person mentions a pending journey. Traveling mercies, they say - "May God grant His traveling mercies."

We can not know exactly how many times God has spared us from hurt, harm and danger. His traveling mercies could have been subtle. They could have been as miraculous as would be needed for a person to escape harm in a serious accident.

I recall driving from Kansas to Georgia one summer with my mother. In my five-speed hatch-back, my mother was sleeping while I attempted to drive non-stop to our destination. After reaching Tennessee, we finally turned off the Interstate. After a few hours of sleeping, we were back on the road around four o'clock in the morning.

It was not long before that little car was in a flat spin as I had fallen asleep at the wheel. When I opened my eyes, the car was headed for the center valley between east and west-bound traffic. I wrenched the steering wheel to avoid going east in a west-bound lane. The car started a rotation at seventy miles per hour. I was watching in shock as the world seemed to pass before my eyes. We had no more traction.

All I could say was, "Mercy." Thank God, He does not need a translator. I took my hands completely off of the steering wheel. I thought, Lord, control this car. The car continued through a second, full rotation, then, facing backward, it went off the highway at full speed - down the embankment and into a tree.

Both my mother and I had only the scratches that came from pushing through the branches to get out of that car. Traveling mercies. Thank God.

Devotional Reading: (I Chronicles 3, I Chronicles 4, I Chronicles 5)
Affirmation: I have victory because God has given His angels charge over me! (Luke 10:19)


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  • Alden Marshall, Knoxville Religion and Spiritualit 4 years ago

    As I was on my way from Tennessee to Gordon Conwell Seminary in Boston, my Godly mother prayed for me and saw a huge hand over me and my Volkswagen on my journey. I needed that affirmation!

  • Blackout 4 years ago

    Hi Shaneika. The tendency for human beings to see patterns, including faces, animal forms and other recognizable shapes is a physchological phenomenon known as Pareidolia. There's nothing "divine" about. It is a well documented phenomenon that is not in any way unique to any given demographic of believers (or unbelievers).

    "I thought, Lord, control this car. The car continued through a second, full rotation, then, facing backward, it went off the highway at full speed - down the embankment and into a tree."

    It sounds to me that "the Lord" isn't a very good driver. I mean, if your car had stayed on in its lane, decelerated and then parallel parked itself, then I might be impressed. But you story just sounds like you did something stupid and got lucky.


  • Biblical Studies Examiner 4 years ago

    While I am always impressed by God, I am in awe of His divine opportunity - no matter how often He presents it. I recall traveling to Iowa on a clear day when a dog crossed the highway. I swerved to avoid hitting the dog. As my car entered a flat spin, I remembered the day that my mother and I had the previous accident. I said, "Not again, Lord." As my car came to a complete stop, PERFECTLY PARALLEL with the right-side border of the lane, it felt as though something had reached down to stop my car's rotation. It was like a hand had just caught my car to keep it from going off the side of the road. TO GOD BE THE GLORY.