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Have you ever wondered about past lives or mindfulness?

Two interesting classes to consider are Past Life Regression and Mindfulness 101. Both are available through Colorado Free University and commence in the next week or two.

Deja vu and other curios feelings can make many of us wonder about the truth of past lives and past life regression. . A course offered at Colorado Free University next week will provide an overview of reincarnation. Learn more about what regression can bring into your life.

From the catalog: Barbe Ratcliffe spent 25 years in corporate America where she honed her skills in training and communication. Her spiritual path led her to become certified in past life soul regression, life coaching, and between life soul regression. She is the author of The Light Won: A Tutorial in Co-Creation. She will share her own personal experiences, and, for those interested, guide the group in an experiential regression. When you leave this introductory class, you will understand more about the phenomenon called Past Life Regression; know what can be accomplished when you connect with your own spirit guidance; and be able to determine if this is a process that calls you for your own personal and spiritual growth. Past Life Regression: A Path to Answers costs $41 Non-Member $29 Member $15-18 optional materials fee payable in class Tuesday, October 19 from 6:30-8:30pm

Perhaps you would prefer some classes for mindfulness with the class called Mindfulness 101: Embracing the Moment.
From the catalog: Mindfulness is more than a technique or tool. It is an ancient practice and a cutting-edge approach to reducing stress. This age-old wisdom can help increase your capacity to pay attention, and offer an opportunity to fully embrace each moment. Learn how to increase awareness of breath, body and emotions in your daily routine to improve overall health and allow you to more fully participate in the adventure of life. With an emphasis on experiential exercises and discussion, students will learn mindfulness practices and how to apply these principles to their daily lives. Instructor PaulDeger, M.A., LPC, PT has an extensive background in mindfulness-based approaches through his work as a licensed professional counselor. He has also trained with top mind-body experts, including Jon Kabat-Zinn. One of Paul's students said, "Great intro to mindfulness...ways to integrate into daily life." $59 Non-Member $47 Member $10 materials fee payable in class. Four Tuesdays starting October 26 from 7-9 pm.


  • Profile picture of Dan Schlesinger
    Dan Schlesinger 4 years ago

    Please see my articles on reincarnation at the Highlands Ranch Christian Worldview Examiner location! I'd love to dialogue with you on the subject!

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