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Have you ever had to forgive and let go?

Forgive and let go
Forgive and let go
Photo By: Kai Mann

Two friends get into an argument not only because of their continued differences but also because one has betrayed the other. Have you ever had to forgive and let go?

Sometimes when we look around at our circle of friends, we think how different they are from one another; and even how different they are from us. Maybe the old adage that opposites attract is because they do. We all as individuals aren’t the same so maybe it’s true.

When we learn that love is the only thing that can release compassion and forgiveness we grow. When we can release compassion and forgiveness and still choose to love in any circumstance it’s because we have peace. The kind of peace inside of ourselves that says that we don’t have to be right, we don’t have to be better, and that we are us and our friends are them.

Love lets others be themselves. It allows for mistakes, catch ups, and misunderstandings. When we understand that our friends aren’t always where we are, know what we know, and don’t always do what we do. We can choose to accept them as they are, embrace their differences and celebrate who they are. Or we can still accept them for who they are, but choose to abort the friendship.

In a world of mistrust, betrayal, growth spurts, and even sometimes competition; there is still love. Love in friendship even when any of the above has happened. For a long time I wondered about the kiss that Judas gave Jesus right before he would betray him and how that Jesus knew that he would, but still called him friend.

I contemplated how Jesus could still call Judas friend when he knew he had betrayed him. I searched what I thought the definition of friend was. But what I thought most about, was that Jesus knew the whole time who Judas was; as do most of us know who some of our friends are that would betray us. Jesus called Judas friend because that’s what Jesus had been to Judas although Judas was not that to Jesus. Sometimes you are a friend to someone but they aren’t a friend to you.

The time to let a friend go is when they haven’t been a friend to you. We let them go in love. No need to hate them because as previously stated, we already knew what they would do and stayed along for the ride anyway. If we could learn to, in love, let them go without hate and without malice that is because we have peace within ourselves: The kind of peace where we know that we have been a friend and in all honesty, that is all that really matters.

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