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Have you developed a photography presence outside of the web?

Most photographers will tell you that creating a good online presence is the first step to showcasing your work, but there is more to it than that. Here is a quote from an article in Social Media Today:

Building presences
Photo Credit: Keith B Dixon

“If you are expecting immediate benefits from Social Media this isn't the platform you should be looking for. It takes a lot of a time and effort to build your brand presence on Social Media platforms and once you have created that momentum you have to make sure you maintain it.”

If a photography business or career is your dream you should consider developing not only a great web content that targets the type of work you do but a great community oriented physical presence as well.

One of the best ways to create a presence in any industry is to connect to the community that industry serves and making sure your offering is in-line with their standards and what they are use to.

Creating a great presence to showcase your work is only one element on a long list of task you should do to influence what you do. There are millions of websites online and adding one more is like adding one more site in a sea of websites. If those sites are as equally as great as yours, your competitive edge is going to boil down to relevance and need.

You might think “I want a client to hire me for my style and I only want work with people who like what I do that’s why my presence is designed like this, ok fair enough.” Picking clients is a luxury most people don’t have. You are going to need all the business you can get to survive pass the first 5 years of your journey because most businesses fail within 18 months of starting out.

Here are 5 points you should execute when developing your presence.

Is your photography focused on a specific theme?

Showcase images that target specific area in photography and continually make images that represent the environment.

Physically developed a network for your theme?

Most people believe they are going to setup business online and the clients are going to pour in because their work or site is good. Setting up your presence online is like casting net into the ocean you have to use the right bait at the right time.The Internet has created a whole new opportunity to reach 1,000’s and that’s the challenge. There are thousands of people trying to reach thousands of people so it’s hard to tell who is the best for the job sometimes? Face to face meetings will always be a priority.

Are there constant buyers for the theme you are focused on?

Buyers are people who buy into your photography and business. You have to develop a physical network of clients who know you and the quality of your work. They will encourage others to buy-in to your presences.

Benchmark the market leaders:

“Don’t recreate the wheel.” Study the market leaders and figure out how you can deliver the same service but better and faster if needed. Don’t spend a lot of time on trying to be different; you will waste more than you gain. Some of the biggest hit records have been created from samples of older songs. Your individually will come over time but until then benchmark the market leaders.

Attend industry events related to your theme:

Connecting your theme to a physical presence is one the best things you can do for establishing a community based business. If you are interested in photographing interiors or some other area of photography attend conferences or industry group meetings and network what you do. Good presence strikes a balance between online and physical marketing of your products and services.

Showcasing your presence is a huge and time-consuming task especially now. The advent of the Internet has make it easier to reach thousands of people but on the other more difficult to manage as a small business because there are some many channels of opportunity.

A clear well thought out presences is the key to jumpstarting your business in photography.

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