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Have you considered applying for city government jobs?

can use your laptop to find city jobs that are open.
can use your laptop to find city jobs that are open.
Dan Vale

Consider the advantages and disadvantages of city government jobs compared to the private sector. The advantages for some people of city government jobs usually include:

  1. Heavily subsidized health and life insurance plans.
  2. Attractive incentives for continuing education.
  3. First access to new job openings in the city.
  4. Generous workman’s compensation and unemployment benefits.
  5. Generous paid sick days and sick leave programs.
  6. Generous paid vacations and holiday pay.
  7. Generous retirement pensions.
  8. Job security.
  9. Less stressful workloads.
  10. Steady pay raises that are fixed in advance.
  11. Labor union representation.

The disadvantages might include:

  1. Highly bureaucratic work environment.
  2. Monotonous work schedules.
  3. Non-technological based work methods.
  4. Slow pace of change.
  5. Less chance to make a difference in the organization.
  6. Less chance to be promoted quickly by ability and effort.
  7. Obligations sometimes to live in the more expensive city where they work, even if they do not like city life.

It is often easier to go from employment in the private sector to employment in the public sector (Federal, state, city government jobs) than vice versa. Private sector employers may have the opinion that public sector employees have become accustomed to slower paced, less stressful work environments than what the private sector often demands. At the top leadership levels, however, such a bias might not be as prevalent, and careerists might move back and forth between the public and private sector jobs.

The advantages and disadvantages listed above are generalizations. The advantages and disadvantages of city government jobs can vary by city. By the same token, the advantages and disadvantages of private sector jobs can vary widely depending on the size of the employer, the location of the employer, and by the product or service offered by the employer. Thus, individual research on each potential job is important.

To consider city government jobs nationwide, click on this website. To view city government jobs in Baltimore, click on this website.

Have you had work experience in the public or private sector? What were your experiences? Please comment below.

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