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Have you been sticking to your New Year's Resolutions?

Be the one to remember to continue your goals and stay strong.
Be the one to remember to continue your goals and stay strong.

Hello March! We have entered rain showers and spring is creeping closer. Time just keeps passing faster and faster. It's hard to believe that January was just two months ago, which brings a thought to mind, how are we doing on our New Year's Resolutions?
You may remember my resolution list for 2014, and even I admit, I need to improve on doing a couple of them. There are several ways to keep the resolution and fight the urges to forget about them.

  • Keep resolutions by your bedside - I learned this one from Lauren Conrad. She actually frames the list and keeps it next to the bed. By seeing it morning and night, the image of the resolutions are more likely to stick in our brain and help us remember to stick with them.
  • Be healthy as possible - This may be a resolution to begin with, but there are different ways to be healthy. I've learned that being as healthy as I can be in other aspects, makes me strive to improve even more and help myself stick with my goals.
  • Get inspired - Occasionally, I need a pick me up. Not only in energy, but also motivation. Looking through Pinterest at quotes or fitness section for a few minutes can easily help. If you find something that is truly inspiring, I recommend printing and putting it in sight.
  • Leave notes - Along with putting things in sight, Post Its may become your best friend. You can put them all over the house or even on your desk at work; anywhere you go simply to remind yourself. They can be very simple and short, such as "Drink more water".
  • Love yourself - Change is good, but knowing you are already good enough is also important. Improving is just another way to build more confidence, by celebrating and embracing ourselves to the world. Feeling great is the key to happiness.

How are you doing on your resolutions? Will you try any of these?

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