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Have you been here before?

Flying high above beneath the trees under the sky
Flying high above beneath the trees under the sky

Have you been here before? Is the life you are living somehow a repeat or an additional chapter to a story that has been eons in the making. The sages of the Zohar, Tikkunei Zohar and numerous sacred writings would have you believe so. In Shaar HaGigulim reincarnation is codified and explained in such detail that you could use it for a compendium of soul travel.

Flying through the trees

Much is made of the rectification of Adam’s soul through Hevel (Able) and Abraham culminating in Moses. The thought here is that because of the sin of Adam his soul had to be corrected and indeed returned to its primeval state. This occurs through Moses or so the sages would agree.

These sages would have us believe that every soul is in a process of rectification and that this is the main purpose of our being to accomplish another stage of correction until we are perfect or at least until the part of Adam that still resides within us is perfected.

All of this go together pretty well but what if instead of reincarnation the soul undergoes a new life in a world very similar to the one he has left and now how the chance to do what is right when the time comes. If this were true it could explain those feelings of deja vu we sometimes have. Perhaps we keep coming back until we get it right or at least until some set point is satisfied.

If we accept this premise building a new world around us each time we pass away then perhaps when we get it completely right it will be the time of Moshiach. Another thing to be considered is what if we come here as a kind of vacation or an on the job training. We take on a body or the same body and learn what we wanted to last time but didn’t have the presence of mind to accomplish?

When we ponder the above questions we realize how fluid the universe is and how our choice affect the various outcomes that we experience in our lives. Food for thought! B”H.

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