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Have you been brainwashed


The question is, "Have you been brainwashed?" Lets weigh the evidence between evolution and creation. Evolution states that all life gradually evolved from a single cell, which had evolved from dead matter by random chance while creationists believe that life and our existence came by the acts of a Creator.

The evidence the evolutionist needs to establish his or her claims, is fossils showing a gradual step by step development of lower animal life into more and more complex forms. But does the fossil record show this. No! There is no evidence of transitional fossils. But there is actual evidence of a sudden appearance of fossils of a vast array of invertebrates in the Cambrian rock strata. There is actually billions of fossils found in this rock strata that are all of highly complex forms of life. These billions of highly complex animals such as trilobites, corals, worms, jellyfish, just to name a few, suddenly appeared with no signs of gradual development from lower forms.

There is evolutionists who claim that it took 50 million years for fish to evolve into amphibians. But again there are no transitional forms. There is no single fossil with part fins and part feet that has been found. The coelacanth (living fossil) shows clearly that it is still a fish which is the same today as its fossils show in the fossil record.

The evolutionists also believe that the horse series shows transitional forms of horses leading up to the modern horse. But this alleged horse series was created more out of imagination than from fossil evidence. The fossils for this series are not found in the proper time sequence as indicated by the evolutionist, and the major types that appeared abruptly without transition. Eohippus the so called "dawn horse" which scientists prefer to call it hyracotherium, since it is like the modern hyrax or rock badger. Both are identical. The four-toed hyracotherium does not look the least bit like a horse. The of rib bones does not agree with the sequence. Eohippus had 18 pairs of ribs, orohippus had only 15 pairs of ribs, then it jump to philohippus with 19 pairs of ribs and then it finally jumped back to 18 pairs of ribs for Equus, the modern horse. In view of all the evidence against the horse series as a valid line of upward evolving creatures (changing ribs, continental and strata locations), Encyclopedia Britannica provides us with an understatement. "The evolution of the horse was never in a straight line.", (Encyclopedia Britannica, (1976 edition), vol. 7, p. 13).

Stopped being brainwashed by what man dictates that has not been proven to be true. "Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ" (Colossians 2:8).

I believe as God states in the Bible (Romans 1:20) that nature and creation itself reveals that there is a Creator. We know that for every design, there is a designer, and for every law, there is a lawgiver. "In the beginning God created" is still the most up to date statement on the origin of the universe and all that it contains.

Its time to be reconciled to God; to have eternal life with the Creator, by coming to Him as a lost sinner believing by faith, and receiving the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour! A harmonious relationship with God is offered to you through the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ on the cross and His victorious resurrection 3 days later (I Corinthians 15:1-4). Amen!

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