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Have We Fallen For It

Fall For It
Fall For It
Jeremie Webb

Today’s Torah Commentary from Exodus 22:27 – 23:5
The Second Book of the Torah, “Shemot,” “Names.”
This weeks reading is “Mishpatim,” “Judgments.”
Today we continue reading the “rest of the commandments.”

GOD continues with.. “Do not curse the judges. Do not curse a leader of your people.”

HE commands the offerings of newly ripened produce as well as agricultural offerings, not be delayed.

GOD also commands the first born son be given unto HIM.

Likewise the first of the ox and sheep.

HE requires us to be a “holy people,” casting torn flesh from a predator to the dogs.

HE continues with “Do not accept a false report,” and not to join forces to become a corrupt witness.

“Do not follow the majority to do evil.” and do not pervert justice, cases must be decided on the basis of the majority.

HE continues with fairness in lawsuits, as well as equality in helping out even your enemy, should you find him in distress.

These are very simple concepts. Today we pride ourselves on tearing down our leaders as opposed to supporting them or at the very least the office or position they hold.

We call it “Freedom of Speech” to tear down our leadership. Is it fair for us to look for fault among those who have been elected into leadership position?

It’s also very interesting that GOD calls the First Born Son to be given unto HIM.

Have we considered our children do not actually belong to us, rather they are a gift from GOD, a treasure we are entrusted with to be raised in the fear of and the service towards an almighty GOD?

HE has said we are to give over the first born son to HIM. Why would we not, when HE obviously has a calling to the first born son?

How quickly do we accept a “false report” today? Have we considered gossip? Are we not as a society more quick to believe the false report of someone more so than the truth?

Do we not also “follow the crowd” of popular opinion, giving ourselves over to whatever injustice, cause or drama is playing out in life today?

Are we now guilty of breaking GOD’s commandments? Have we fallen for it, listening to whatever report comes through, quickly grabbing onto the worst possible scenario, believing it, passing our own judgments and influencing others with our opinions?

GOD commands us to be a “holy people.” I put this in quotation marks to ask, do we know what that really means today?

To be a “Holy Person” means to literally be “set apart” from everyone else, different, marching to the word of the Lord, not the opinion of man. Following in the Word, the commandments of GOD, which makes us “set apart,” which is what the word “Holy” means.

Can we take these simple judgments of GOD and apply them to our lives today?

If we were to practice these judgements more carefully, how would our lives change?

How would our walk and our relationship with our Abba Father grow and change?

Can living these commandments bring us closer to GOD and the blessings HE has the desire to bestow upon us?

Would living these commandments harm your life or bring it into more balance and fairness?

What are your thoughts on these scriptures?

Leave your comments below, OR, if you have questions, click HERE.

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