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Have we any hope?

It’s been a while since I’ve posted my rantings on Examiner dot com and with good reason; they don’t pay jack! If I’m going to vent my colon over matters of any kind, I can do so on a personal blog with the foreknowledge that there’ll be no financial reward in the offing. In addition, on a blog I am free to spout on anything I like while not being pigeonholed by any pre-determined classification.

There is also no intellectual or emotional gratification to be gained from my wanton release of flatulence on Examiner dot com’s pages. However, I’ve recently received a number of emails from the controllers that be, suggesting that I re-enter the fray, so to speak. Let’s see how this goes.

There has been a good bit of hoo-haw over the direction this country should take both from the right and the left. The right suggests a return to the more traditional values held by our Founders, while the left insists on a more complete immersion into the systematic destruction of the same. We find ourselves wading ever further into the precepts of socialism as time goes on. This is the result of compromise.

If there be anyone who cares to debate the idea of our descent into the depths of a socialistic society, I would suggest that they simply enjoin the starting of a business from scratch. The very definition of socialism is “government control of industry.” Starting a business will shine a glaring light on just how much control government has over any industriousness one might muster. Once having done that, come back and we’ll have a discussion.

Sadly, it seems we’ve sunk even deeper into the abyss with the recent brouhaha over the “Affordable Care Act’s” mandate of contraceptive coverage, and how it impacts the people and institutions of faith. The mandate, it seems, is less about health care than it is about the advancement of free abortions for everyone. But to delve into that digression is to step into a discussion that is better left for another time. It seems enough to say that some methods of contraception are, to some extent, effective in the prevention of STD’s, which I’ll admit offers at least a little cost benefit in terms of overall actual health care expenditures. Others of the “proven” methods serve only to promote the promiscuous lifestyle chosen by the baser elements of our society. The question is that of who pays the tab. The idea of abstinence as a choice is simply unacceptable for far too many.

I’ll now attempt a “back on track” calculation. It’s easy to see that we’ve been a socialist society for a long time now, but it’s getting worse. Coinciding with the aforementioned “brouhaha”, we have a sitting president who feels free to change the existing laws to appease the various groups as he sees fit. I point to his changing the wording of the law mandating contraceptive coverage to “supposedly” exempt institutions of faith as but one example. Our Constitution provides for the making and amending of laws, and this is accomplished via the Legislative, not the Executive branch of government. From all outward appearances, it seems we’re moving in the direction of a dictatorship.

I can’t begin to imagine a private citizen volunteering for military service to defend and protect a dictatorship; freedom yes, dictatorship no!

While descending into a socialist government increasingly run by a would-be dictator, we are offered little in terms of an alternative from the right-wing faction of the ideological spectrum. We have four candidates remaining who have entered a race to challenge our illustrious Dictator in Chief.

The most recent rising star, Senator Santorum (who some say is rising due to a sort of “operation chaos” driven by liberal ideologues), is talking all the right talk from a conservative standpoint, but based on his walk through the Senate, questions abound as to where he really stands; evidence points to something other than conservatism.

The same holds true for Governor Romney, who also claims the mantle of conservatism (is his really a genuine conservatism if he’s reading it off of a teleprompter?), but pushed through, as Governor, a form of socialized medicine in Massachusetts, along with many other left leaning measures. As well, he touts his experience in the private sector as a validation of his ability to set matters straight as far as the direction of this country. However, his experience as a corporate CEO and his position as manager of the Olympic Games were more that of a dictator than an elected representative and servant of the people; just how would he handle things in the Oval Office?

Moving on we get involved with lesser candidates who remain in the race for reasons unknown. Speaker Gingrich comes first to mind. Here we have a self described “historian” who seems comfortable creating his own “facts”, at least as far as his current competition is concerned. He also seems a bit to self-appreciative, or as some might describe, self-aggrandizing to be taken seriously as a potential president.

Then, at last and at least, we have Rep. Paul who, on some points, has a few relatively good ideas, but his foreign policy is, at its very least, a steroid manufactured lunacy on stilts. Someone needs to inform the good Representative that Islam has been at war with civilization since its inception, and for us to just leave them alone will result in them bringing to fruition their passion for a worldwide caliphate.

It seems that all the good folk who truly have what it takes (the Palins the Rubios, and others) to pull this once great nation out of the socialistic morass we’ve managed to put ourselves, also have the good sense not to enter the race and thereby subject themselves and their families to the politics of personal destruction offered by all sides of the political arena.

So, in the final analysis, our choices really offer no choice at all. It would, from any perspective, appear that we as a nation are in deep doo-doo. One thing is abundantly clear, it’s a long hard road back from our descent into the serfdom of a socialist state; a longer and harder road than most of our citizenry are capable of handling. And in that we’re offered little hope for survival.

God help us.


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