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Have some fun in the beautiful and entertaining Lego City

Lego City Images
Lego City Images
Paul Iuzzolino

Lego City is a nice and pleasant city to spend some time in. In Lego City: My City, players can explore the vibrant Lego City and perform a variety of tasks. Some of these tasks include chasing down bank robbers, saving building from fires, and other occurrences that happen around the city. Players earn Lego studs that can be used to construct various buildings and unlock other tasks. So take a ride into Lego City and see what needs to be done.

When players begin their journey into Lego City, they are taught how to use Lego studs to make buildings. After this, you go onto your first task, which is to apprehend bank robbers who have just robbed a bank. The robbers get away, so you have to chase them down. Once you complete this task, the next task is to save a building from a fire. The first two tasks are really fun, and give players a nice introduction to the game. The character customizations are interesting; there are so many heads, bodies, and legs to choose from. There is a lot of cars to choose from as well, such as taxis and police cars. As you complete tasks, other tasks become available. The obstacles are nicely crafted in the task where you have to tow away a car; you have to avoid construction barriers and other cars.

The unity engine does a good job of running the game; the city looks absolutely gorgeous, with tall buildings and skyscrapers. You could see phone booths and street lights. All of these items look like real Lego items, with Lego bricks on the building and cars. The colors on each of the building look great too, and the variety of colors really set every building apart. In every cut scene, the characters look beautiful with the painted faces and outfits. It feels like they could step right out of the screen. The characters look so real as they walk around the city. The water looks so clear that the city looks like it's in the air. The textures for the road are really realistic, and the white bars for the crosswalks are evenly split apart. The circles around the top and front of the buildings give the buildings more of a Lego look to them. What really makes this city unique is the houses and big buildings; they have an uniform look to them, and makes Lego City stand alone.

To control the car in the first task is pretty easy; you just use the arrow keys. The controls for the second task are even easier; to put out the fire, just aim the water hose on each of the windows that are on fire. It's really simple to navigate though the helicopter view of the city; you can use either the mouse or the arrow keys. The plus and minus buttons can be used to zoom in and out of the city. Throughout this game, the controls are pretty simple and don't get overcomplicated; this makes the game even more fun to play.

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