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Have Some Festival Fun with Flow Toys

Flow Toy's playpoi hipsacks designed by Nick Woolsey are a comfortable, stylish and practical addition to the wardrobe of any festival goer, poi spinner, or urban ninja. This sturdy belt made from high quality fabric has a steam punk look but is also simple and classy enough that it can go with a lot of styles. Multiple useful external and internal pockets and loops canhold a camera, mobile phone, wallet, passport, flowlight and other valuables. In addition, the hipsack comes with flow carabiner that can be used to attach keys and other gear.

Flow Toys
Flow Toys

The many buttons used to clasp this hipsack stay secure and in place so one can dance and play all day and night without fear of the belt falling off. Among the updated color choices available include green, cocoa, hot pink, black, playa (off-white), saffron (orange), teal and wine. The belt can be adjusted using standard laces to fit up a range of body sizes though an extension from Flowtoys is recommended for those with waists over 32." Should one need to clean up afterward, this belt can be spot cleaned by hand using gentle detergent and cold water.