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Have some dance with your coffee: Keith Glassman Dance this Sunday at Groundwork Coffee in Hollywood

This Sunday at 5:00pm, when you are getting your coffee at Groundwork Coffee in the heart of Hollywood (1501 N. Cauhenga Blvd., at Sunset), you’ll get an unexpected show with your cup o’ organic and sustainable joe.

See Keith Glassman Dance and Peformance at Groundwork Coffee in Hollywood this Sunday at 5:00pm

In their Los Angeles County Arts Commission-supported series Coffeehouse Dances, the Keith Glassman Dance and Performance company will present some of their repertoire to patrons of the popular coffee and tea house. This is similar to their 2007 season of half-hour performances at the Synergy Café and Lounge in Culver City (now Vinoteque).

The Keith Glassman Dance and Performance Company of Los Angeles creates dances “about people.” The work often reflects the emotional and physical state of humans in a specific place and time. The two-to-eight company dancers are challenged by the athletic nature of their movements, as well as their ironic and comedic elements. The company collaborates with many different performers, musicians and artist in order to create a unique human experience with each piece. They are known for orchestrating their work with text and video in addition to musical genres ranging from classical to country-western.

At Groundwork this Sunday, dancers Sara Fenton and Louie Cornejo will perform solos as well as Glassman’s Lester Horton award-winning duet Slip Knot.  The choreographer will also engage the audience in a discussion about the pieces.

Groundwork in Hollywood is not the smallest café in the local coffee shop chain, but it is intimate for any type of performance. To experience a dance show in that space will be cozy, interactive, and definitely enjoyable. Begin your holiday season with a show, a cup o’ joe and the company of your friends and neighbors at your local coffee shop.

Keith Glassman Dance and Performance brings their Coffeehouse Dances to Groundwork Coffee this Sunday, December 20 at 5:00pm. This event is free to the public. For more information, visit

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