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Have patience, patience, and more patience

Patience by Mimi and Eunice
Patience by Mimi and Eunice
Patience by Mimi and Eunice

Wednesday, February 26, 2014: It' a wild and crazy week. So... As the sky continues to retool your life you must have patience, patience, and more patience.

You're in the midst of an opportune time for change that will be long remembered, but you'll have much better chance of reaching your goals if you remain open to the possibilities of the moment, let go of what's holding you back, gather up your lessons and re-collect yourself for the next phase of your life.

Stay open to new ideas and be adaptable. Consider that you may be blocking the very energy that would relieve the stress you're feeling about never having enough of what you want... be that money, possessions or power.

Today's Quote

See if you can openly look towards your life to see where you can voluntarily initiate newness, allowing yourself to follow a path that you’ve wanted to but perhaps had fear or doubts about being able to. There’s a spark available to help us catalyze innovation and new approaches. One of the beauties of voluntarily pursuing an alternative route is that we can feel a sense of empowerment, rather than a feeling of disempowerment that can come if/when we feel that change is seemingly being thrust upon us beyond our will. (If your experience does involve situations that seem to be more of the latter, see whether you can make some space within to hold out for the notion that somehow/someway this shifting will eventually lead to a shape-shifting of your life that will actually yield greater personal freedom to express your integral self.) This way we can allow ourselves to feel captivated by the notion of change rather than feeling like we are held captive by it. Stephanie Gailing ~ Planetary Apothecary

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