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Have kids? Enjoy your Instant at home Gym Jam

We all have our reasons for why we can't make it to workout, some valid, some obviously lame excuses.  However, when all the forces of the universe are obviously against you making it to the gym, do not fret.  Take a look around your house and hone in on the nearest toddler or youngster.   This is where you will instantly become the fun and cool mom or dad.  It's called play time for your kid, workout for you.  The ultimate win win situation.

Have Fun With Your Kids And Workout Too!

Here's how you get started.  Go lay down in the floor and ask your child if they want to be an airplane..weeee.  Of course, any chance to interact with you will be greeted with screams of joy and spontaneous jumping up and down like a  wild kangaroo.  Have your kiddo grab your hands as you place your  feet on their lower abdomen, more on the hip bones than their tummy. Bend your knees and slowly lift your child up in the air with your legs extended straight above your hips.  Next, bend your knees down to your chest and power lift your legs up by straightening your legs, as in a reverse squat.  Go for at least 8 - 10 repetitions or until your child says "put me down"!. 

If that one was successful, attempt number two exercise.  Have the child sit straddle position over your lower torso.  Squeeze your gluteus maximus and tuck in your ab muscles as you bridge your hips off of the ground.  Try at least 8 - 10 repetitions.  For the upper body, flip over to your hands and knees and exclaim "time for a pony ride".  Let your child sit on your lower back, but before you get moving, have him lay down with his chest on your back and wrap his arms around your chest.  Pony ride time for your kidlet, push up time for you!  Try a few on your toes and hands, if this is too difficult, drop to your knees and hands.

Now, to get your heart pumping, burn some fat and work your cardiovascular system, stand up with child still clinging to your back.  Go for the typical piggy back ride, but this time power walk and take the stairs with an occasional standing squat on the landing or at the top. At this point, you will probably be completely worn out and your child will want to return to watching Dora the Explorer.  But the benefits will be immediately reaped.  Your backside will be tighter, your heart will be healthier and your kid....well he or she will be ready for a nap.

If you found that you had so much fun and want to take this to another level, check out  Charlotte has several mommy and me classes that incorporate parent and child activities.  If you are new mom, check out the video below for some great exercises you can do with your infant.


  • Lynn Wise 5 years ago

    These are great articles!
    Charlotte Preschool Examiner

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