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Have hope when it comes to your next relationship

Do you have hope?
Do you have hope?

Are you one of millions of single individuals looking to meet that special someone?

If you are one of the many faces out there wondering, "Why am I still alone?" you are definitely not by yourself.

If you stopped and ask people if they know someone who is single and looking in a lot of cases they will say yes. When single people ask other single people why are they single they usually say something like, "I just haven't met the right person."

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When it comes to meeting the "Right Person" a person must first know who the right person is. For some they have a particular type they are looking for.

For some women he must be tall, dark and handsome, have a lot of money, drive a nice car, have a big house and other big things to keep her satisfied. For some men their list includes a certain look, a certain skin color, long hair, a shapely figure and depending on how old he is for some older men the younger the woman is the better. When it comes to the age of a person the same can go for women as well. The younger he is the better.

As a result of the physical and the material aspects of relationships go they have taken a stand in the front of the line when it comes to choosing someone to be in a relationship with. If this is truly what will make you happy in your relationship then good for you. But if you keep getting into relationships that are not working out then maybe you might want to rethink your strategy. Instead of focusing on what someone has, what they look like or what they can do for you financially, in the bedroom or otherwise, why not look at who they are as a person and if they are capable of loving you and also capable of treating you right.

In order to be blessed with a good relationship first a person must understand and know self. Understanding and knowing ones self will change the dynamics of the foundation of the relationship to come. When an individual has taken the time to be alone and reevaluate their focus this is when reality sets in and they become more hopeful of what is to come.

What is hope?

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Hope is believing in the fact that as a result of taking the time to use loneliness as a way to stand still to get to know self you now believe that deep down in side you are worthy of the best that lifetime has to offer. You know that you are worthy of utilizing your time wisely when it comes to choosing who you spend your time with. It's important to understand the importance of being alone in your down time when you are single. Don't date because you are lonely.

When it comes down to the person you are meant to be with, don't worry they will definitely find you when the time is right. In the mean time have hope and believe. After all, if you don't have hope for yourself when it comes to your relationship or anything else, who will.

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