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Have fun with holiday photos


One thing that almost everyone does during holiday celebrations is take pictures. Even if you don't have a camera, someone at your party will. To incorporate picture taking into some fun holiday activities for your family, here are a few suggestions:

  1. Take pictures with photo contests in mind. Are you taking a shot for your family Christmas card over Thanksgiving? Consider dressing everyone up in matching pj's to enter the Family Matching Pajama Photo Contest announced by . The winning family will receive $1000 worth of sleepwear. Or maybe you'll catch a special shot of a memorable family moment . is offering $500 for a winning submission to their Most Meaningful Moment photo contest. What about your gorgeous Thanksgiving table decorations, they deserve a prize, don't they? has a contest for that. The point is that there is a photo contest for just about any theme you can think of, just Google it up and go!
  2.  You can use photos you take to create a photo mosaic by downloading free software from sites like MOSAnICK. These programs allow you to upload photos which are sorted by values such as light and color and used as tiles in the mosaic representation of a source photo. You could, for example, take a family portrait and then use individual family pictures to re-create it as a mosaic, or you could turn your family snapshots into a work of art like Van Gogh's Starry Night. You can use the pictures you take at Thanksgiving (or have taken the rest of the year) to make fantastic Christmas presents.
  3. Let the kids at your party entertain themselves, and everyone else, by giving family members virtual makeovers. Go to to upload photos they take of your relatives and try new hairstyles and makeup on them. Who knows, maybe your daughter can find a fabulous new hairstyle for your sister-in-law, or your nephew can convince Uncle Jack to dye the grey out of his beard.
  4. If new hairstyles and makeup aren't enough entertainment for everyone, try making your guests into cartoons. Check out or beta test to download this application. You can give each of your family members a cartoonized picture of themselves as a memorable parting gift.
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