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Have fun scanning QR codes along Palm Coast Trails

The City of Palm Coast has miles and miles of trails where bicyclists can roll along at ease. Some are paved while others are not, but all offer opportunities to view nature and enjoy the scenery. To enhance the experience, the city added stops with QR (quick response) codes that cyclists can scan with their mobile devices to receive information.

Sign for the Graham Swamp Trail
Bridget Cohen

There are numerous QR code scanners offered for free to smart phone users. Once the reader is installed the user can capture codes on their mobile device. The scanned codes instantly direct users to websites where they can read information, view photos and videos pertaining to the purpose intended by individual, company or organization that placed the QR code.

The City of Palm Coast utilized this concept for their "Trek It Out" program. The Graham Swamp Trail has eight "Trek It Out" stops with QR codes that can be scanned by trail users to learn the history, environment and geological facts about the area. This trail is a combination of easy-traveling boardwalks over the swamp habitat and for those who like a challenge, a mountain bike loop. Each QR stop along the trail provides users with entertaining, informative videos, photographs, trivia and a trail map.

Combining technology with the outdoors in this way not only puts interesting information at users fingertips, but allows for related businesses to inform users of their services. A QR code directing people to a company's website provides more information to the user than an advertisement and reaches those people who are most interested in their services.

Signs along the trails in Palm Coast informing everyone of the groups or businesses volunteering to help keep the trails clean include a QR codes directing people to their websites should anyone desire more information about them. Another very helpful use of the QR code is on the three bike maintenance stations found at Waterfront Park, Linear Park and at the Lehigh Trail trailhead. Equipped with tools, tire pump and post from which a bike can be hung for ease of repair, each of the stations include a QR code that when scanned takes the viewer to videos and written instructions on how to make necessary repairs.

For more information about the QR project visit the City of Palm Coast website.

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