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Have fun outdoors this summer but remember to use sunscreen

The summer sun makes sunflowers grow, and the sun is healthy for us as well.
The summer sun makes sunflowers grow, and the sun is healthy for us as well.
Lucy Santos

Oh the good old days of summer, for there are no other season like it with longer days and plenty of sunshine. There are so many outdoor activities that you can engage in during this sunny season such as: sports, walking, running, reading, writing, crafts, painting, gardening and barbecuing - - just to name a few examples. While you use the sunlight to do your daily activities, you are saving energy and becoming environmentally conscious. Not only is it fun to be out in the sun, it is also good for you. According to several studies, sun exposure is good for bone health since it contains vitamin D. Being out on sunny days can also reduce the risk of dying from breast cancer and prostate cancer. The sunshine can improve our eyesight and well being. After all, spending time outside on a sunny day will chase the blues away and make you happy.

However, overexposure to the sun can cause skin cancer, premature skin aging, sunburn and dehydration. In order to stay healthy on a summer day, we must apply sunscreen every two hours so that we do not get sunburn. We should also drink plenty of water on hot days to prevent dehydration. If you want to prevent skin cancer, do read the label on sunscreens, for some sunscreens only prevent sunburns and not skin cancer. In order to get the maximum protection, do use a sunscreen that prevents skin cancer. The more susceptible that you are to getting sunburns, then the higher the (SPF) Sun Protection Factor that you should use.

You can also protect yourself from the sun’s rays by wearing sunglasses, a hat and using a parasol. These accessories are also fashionable and can enhance your summer wardrobe. Taking care of your skin after being exposed to the sun is also important in order to stay healthy. A good way to soothe your skin after being outside on a sunny day is to apply aloe vera gel, which is also a good way to alleviate the symptoms of sunburn.

When you spend a summer day at the shore, you do not want to get sunburn, so do not forget to use sunscreen. If you protect yourself while you are out in the sun, you will be able to enjoy all your outdoor summer activities and create good memories.