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Have an I of Chicago art?

Iota points to Chicago.
Iota points to Chicago.
© 2014 Vernon Brookins

The response to the title’s question may be, “No thank you, just had one.” Another response may be, “No, where can I acquire one? “This I represents iota (i), the ninth letter of the Greek alphabet.

You, when speaking, may say, “Iota, do you know where my Chicago skyline is?” Theta says, “Follow me to the Art Institute, Iota.” Theta, Iota and Kappa watched 300: Rise of an Empire, at the Gene Siskel Film Center.

Theseus may say, “Iota know whether the Minotaur is in a Chicago museum. Euclid may say, “Iota know whether the squares upon the diagonal hypotenuses of Chicago streets (Clybourne, Ogden, Archer, etc.) equal the squares upon the intersecting, east-west and north-south streets.” Achilles may say, “Iota know whether those Chicago potholes injured my heel or not.”

Jean Baptiste Point du Sable may say, “Iota move farther from the Chicago River.” Antoine Ouilmette may say, “Iota trade stocks and bonds.” Mrs. O’Leary may say, “Iota move that lamp farther from my cow.”

Al Capone may say, “Iota view Alcatraz from Earth orbit.” Bugs Moran may say, “Iota clean up my act.” John Dillinger may say, “Iota postpone my trip to the Biograph Theater.”

All of the Chicago Cubs who played from 1946-2014 may say (individually), “Iota see what’s up with that Billy goat.” Ernie Banks may say, “Iota keep #14 as my jersey number.” Jack Brickhouse may say, “Iota broadcast Chicago Bears games.

He, she, we and you ought to know the following: in the third, fourth, fifth and sixth paragraphs, “Iota” sounds like “I ought to”, and are part of statements from mythical figures, historical persons and baseball personalities. In the second paragraph, Iota is a personification. All of the paragraphs except the first one have Chicago relevance. Iota can be art exhibits in graphic designs, paintings, photographs and sculptures.

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