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Have an active Valentine's weekend


Try exercising together this Valentines Day.  AP Photo/John Moore
Instead of doing the same old dinner and a movie for Valentine's Day, try doing something more interactive.  Physical activity can get the blood flowing, increase energy, and the change of pace can be a great mood pick up. 
Here are a couple suggestions for Valentine's Day:
  • Valentine's Day Fun Run - Celebrate Valentine's day with a 5K run or 1 mile walk starting at 1:10pm on Saturday, February 13th at the Texas Tech Rec Center.  This is a free event for everyone.
  • YWCA Valentine's Day Father Daughter Dance on February 12th from 6:30-8:30pm
  • Competitive game of tennis (or any other sport/game of interest)- Winner chooses restaurant to eat at for Valentine's Dinner
  • Couples game of Frisbee- one couple challenges another.  Other great games to play with multiple people on Valentine's Day include ultimate Frisbee, Frisbee golf, ultimate football, and doubles tennis.  These games are a good option because they are fun and can be low in contact ( resulting in zero broken nails, bruises, or scrapes).
  • Watch a Valentine's special together at the gym.  Since almost all cardio machines now have televisions, you and your significant other can get on machines right next to eachother and watch TV together.  It is really easy to take one headphone out of your ear during the commercials so you can talk.

Getting some physical activity doesn't need to replace going out for a romantic Valentine's dinner, just simply work it into the day or weekend.  Think about how happy you'll be that you burned 400 extra calories by going for a walk with your spouse when you are sharing that triple layer chocolate cheese cake at dinner. 


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