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Have a wine and beer popsicle pairing party this Labor Day weekend (Part I)

The weather shows no sign of letting so this Labor Day is going to be a scorcher! With everybody making plans to gather for one last hurrah to say good bye to the lazy days of summer turn up the cool factor and ditch the traditional BBQ gathering. Instead this summer gather your friends and family for a wine and beer popsicle party.

Amber Ale
By Ccyyrree (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons, used with permission

Fist thing you'll need is your wine and beer pairings. We've paired up the beer and wine with fruity popsicles that can easily be made in advance and offer enough variety that you and your guests can sample, share and create your own favorites. Here's a quick reference list that you can use for pairing. The list is quite extensive so you may want to print it out for future reference.


You'd be surprised to know that there are almost as many different beer varieties as there are wine varieties. Wines are known for being paired up with fruits but beer pairings are a bit more difficult but it can be done.

  • Pale Ale: Bananas and pumpkins

  • Blonde Ale: Apricots and mandarins

  • Hoppy/IPA: Apples, blueberries, mangoes and apricots

  • Amber/Red Ale: Pears and bananas

  • German Lager: Apples and carrots

  • Stout: Raspberries (and chocolate!)

  • Fruit/Lambic: Raspberries

  • Pilsner: Lemon and berries

  • Dark Lager: Pomegranates and pears

  • American Wheat Ale: Berries

  • Hefeweizen: Strawberries and limes

  • Witbier: Bananas, oranges, lemon and blood oranges

  • Oktoberfest: Mangoes and coconuts

(Source: Tring Brewery/Brewers Association)

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