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Enjoy a slice of delicious strawberry rhubard pie on its national day

There are many different types of pies, but June 9 is National Strawberry Rhubard Day. Since rhubarb is actually a vegetable this makes strawberry rhubarb pie one of the rare pies that combines both a fruit and a vegetable. A strawberry rhubarb pie is a type of tart and sweet pie made with a strawberry and rhubarb filling, and sometimes containing tapioca.

June 9 is National Strawberry Rhubard Pie

The pie is usually prepared with a bottom pie crust and a variety of styles of upper crust, depending on preference and region. In the United States, often a lattice-style upper crust is the upper crust of choice for this sort of pie. The strawberry rhubard pie is a traditional dessert throughout the US South including the Appalachian regions, and is part of New England cuisine.

Strawberry rhubard pie is a sweet and tangy treat that was first made popular during the early 1800's, about 30 years after Benjamin Franklin introduced rhubarb to the East Coast. Rhubarb pies and desserts are popular in Canada as the rhubarb plant can survive in cold weather climates. The filling for this pie is prepared in a non-aluminum pan. Only the stalks of the rhubarb are used, as the leaves and roots contain oxalic acid and other unknown poisons. Frostbitten stalks are also avoided as they can also be toxic. Rhubarb used in strawberry rhubarb pie is rinsed and trimmed, and can also be peeled.

What better way to experience a vegetable and a fruit at the same time than in a strawberry rhubard pie. Make one today or pick up one from the grocery store. Serve it as a treat to your family. They are sure to love it.

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