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Have a safe ghost hunt

John Blandin

You’ve watched videos of paranormal investigations on television, YouTube and many other media outlets. You almost seem to get frightened and excited as much as they do when things happen. Some may have wondered what it may be like, but you have a fear of what could really happen. The questions, is ghost hunting really safe? When running a paranormal investigation, there are a few dangers that could arise in process. Some are paranormal dangers, while others are physical dangers.

Physical Dangers:
Most paranormal investigations are performed in the dark with little illumination but from the screen of a camera or a small flashlight. Even when the eyes are adjusted to the dark, visibility is still fairly low. Older locations may have stability issues and other hazards such as; exposed nails, asbestos or diseases from deceased animals.

Before any investigation, make sure you do a preliminary walk-through and note any hazards. It is important to record even the slightest as it will be better than dealing with it after an accident happens. Always carry a first aid kit and have someone that is up-to-date with some emergency medical training such as CPR; you’ll never know it may come in handy. Additionally, have proper illumination. Safety comes first before capturing evidence.

Paranormal Dangers:
Investigating the unknown can bring some unfortunate incidents. Some of these are; physical abuse from an entity, possession, mental manipulation among others. However, taking precautions can help prevent or lessen these occurrences.

Be sure to say a protective prayer. Regardless of your beliefs, it is important to protect yourself against harmful entities. Some carry Holy Water in case of any negative spirits or non-human spiritual entities. Never use a Ouija board! Also, never hold a séance without properly knowing how and whom you are trying to connect with. Lastly, before leaving an investigation, be sure to let the spirits know they are not welcome to attach themselves to you or your belongings.

Paranormal investigations can open a person up to multiple dangers both in the physical world and spiritual. By taking the proper precautions, you can lessen your chances of accidents and hazardous incidents. Remember that safety should always be a priority for you, your team, clients and location.