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Have a patio date with the spouse

Couple being together
Couple being together
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Life can be very hectic, especially when both spouses spend the entire day on the job, then having to go home to take care of the house, the children, and making dinner. In addition to going grocery shopping and having a good workout at the gym. It doesn't leave a lot of time to be alone with one's spouse.

Spending quality time with the spouse is critical to a long lasting, happy, successful marriage. One must make the time to be alone with their significant other.

Instead of going out to dinner, plan a romantic meal in the backyard. Take a a nice tablecloth and place it on the patio table with a couple of lit candles. Or one can grab a blanket and put it in a nice spot on the lawn.

If there isn't a screened-in patio or if the option for a picnic in the yard is chosen, light a couple of citronella candles, in addition to the romantic candles, for a bug free environment.

Be sure to download and play music that both parties will enjoy. This can help to make the evening that much more enjoyable.

Swing by the Olive Garden on Archer Road to pick a favorite meal for two to go. They have a huge variety of entrees to chose from. Don't forget to order a salad and those delicious bread sticks. And perhaps, an order of Alfredo sauce to dip the bread sticks in will help to make the meal more delectable.

During the meal, let the conversation be one of lightheartedness. Tell funny stories and go down memory lane, talking about the laughable times of the past. Take the time to reconnect with one another, while making new memories. All of this will go a long way to improve the love and bond in the marriage.

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