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Have a Maine kind of day at East End Beach

Enjoy East End Beach
Enjoy East End Beach

Locals and visitors alike come to East End Beach for the views of Casco Bay and the islands. The sheltered surf murmuring at the shoreline and the sailboats tacking their way back and forth only add to the tranquil bubble of the bay lifestyle. With a length of just 300 feet, the beach packs a lot into a small space. There is something for everyone to love here, whether you seek the warm welcoming sand, swimming in the gentle lapping salt water, or tossing your picnic blanket on the grass to eat that Italian sandwich that you love so much. Just steps from the beach, one can rent a sailboat, canoe, or kayak, to explore the bay. There are tables, changing areas, bathroom facilities, and room to play ball or throw a Frisbee to a friend. Bring your beach sandals or shoes; 'pebbles' is the word of the day at the waters' edge.

You can access the beach by way of walking/biking/jogging the Eastern Prom Trail from Back Bay, the Harbor Walk Trail from Commercial Street in the Old Port, or from the streets of the Eastern Promenade.

Happy to follow the beach rules, dog owners rejoice over access to explore with their walking buddies. Summer restrictions state that no dogs are allowed on the beach from the day before Memorial Day to the day after Labor Day.

Portland's East End has come a long way from the decay and delinquency of the seventies and eighties. The past two decades have seen home and business owners, as well as city administrators, working diligently to clean up the blight that had marked their city, and take back the gem of the East End. It is now the 'in' place to live, work, recreate, and socialize in Portland.