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Have a healthier year with tips from fitness expert Jennifer Cassetta

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Your World. Your Life. Your Inspiration. features the latest trends and cutting-edge information from around the world on health, beauty, fitness, and wellness. Jennifer Cassetta contributes to as a fitness expert. For those wishing to start the New Year on a positive note, she offers the following tips for staying healthy and fit.

  • Drink more water. Give the body what it needs to work harder. The results may include an increase in energy, fewer cravings, and it can also kick-start weight loss.
  • Create a plan complete with goals. Don't put plans and goals in a phone calendar. Instead, print them out and hang them where they can reinforce goals subconsciously.
  • Workout in the morning, especially during the winter when it gets dark early in the evening. It's easy to blow off an after-work workout. Get it done in the morning before any distractions can derail plans.
  • Reduce sugar intake. This little step can help kick-start any weightloss program. Because sugar depletes the body of minerals and upsets blood sugar levels, kicking it to the curb can also give one more energy and less sweet cravings.
  • Get more sleep. Nothing makes a person want to blow off a workout more than being tired. The body needs deep sleep to repair and restore after a tough workout, or else the desired changes in the body might not occur. Aim for an average of 7 to 8 hours per night.
  • Find a fitness community or build one. Motivation is always easier in a group setting. Going to the gym alone can be isolating and get boring. Perhaps begin a neighborhood walking club, or join a martial arts studio.
  • Buy some new threads! Buying new, slimming fitness gear can be a great motivator to workout. No need to drop tons of cash; start with one new pair of leggings or a nice tank. As goals are reached additional gear can be a reward.

Get more health tips from Jennifer Cassetta and other WorldLifestyle contributors by visiting their YouTube channel. Follow them on Twitter @WorldLifestyle. Or, like the WorldLifestyle Facebook page. You can also contact the staff with specific questions about health, beauty, fitness, and resources for a healthier lifestyle.

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