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Have a Hap-Pei 4th of July

Contact Chinese Shar Pei Network, Inc. to foster or adopt
Contact Chinese Shar Pei Network, Inc. to foster or adopt
Amy Mali

A dog’s hearing is said to be 9 times more acute than human hearing, so it's no wonder that your pei may panic and become fearful or anxious at the sound of fireworks. Startled dogs reacting to the commotion of 4th of July festivities often frantically escape their yards and go missing. Unfortunately, the fourth of July holiday is one of the busiest times of year at kill shelters, so please make sure your pei is microchipped, tagged, and out of harm's way.

To keep your pei safe and secure, it is recommended that you secure your pei indoors with the television on or with soothing music playing in the background while fireworks displays are in progress. You may also want to give your pei a little chamomile tea or put some lavendar scent in the area to help calm their nerves. If your pei’s anxiety is severe, you may want to visit your vet and obtain a mild sedative.

Desensitization training, anti-anxiety vests, and crate training have all been known to help as well. Noise desensitization can be practiced year round by routinely making loud, abrupt noises around your pei. The benefit of this type of desensitization is that your pei will feel more comfortable and less anxious around noise and other distractions. Anti-anxiety vests work by applying gentle, constant pressure around your dog's torso, which has a dramatic calming effect for most dogs if they are anxious, fearful, or over-excited. If your pei is crate trained, they can be put in their crate with a blanket over the crate while fireworks are in progress.

Keep your pei indoors and have a safe and Hap-pei 4th.