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Have a Family Fishing Adventure in Randol Mill Park

Maybe this is where you'll drop your line--watch ot for the ducks!
Maybe this is where you'll drop your line--watch ot for the ducks!
2010 Patricia Cook

Saturday, April 28 is the date of the Family Fishing Adventure in Arlington’s Randol Mill Park. The Adventure begins at 9 a.m., and concludes at noon, which should give you plenty of time to catch something. Grab your gear, get your sunscreen, and get there early to stake out your hot spot in the pond.

Is this where you'll drop your line in the Family Fishing Adventure?
2010 Patricia Cook

The pond in the park is pretty, but if the fish are biting where you’ve dropped your line, you probably won’t notice or care. If however, you’re not the most popular fisherman in the pond, it might make your day more enjoyable, and the ducks might stop by to see what you’ve got!

The Fishing Adventure is about more than fishing, however: there will be food—although probably not fresh-caught fish—and other fun activities for everyone.

The Family Fishing Adventure is a great opportunity to spend time with your family having fun--and being active. And remember, the family that plays together has fun together!

And of all the parks in the City of Arlington park system, Randol Mill is one of the best to host a family event like this: there’s a lot to do within the park’s 149-acres other than fishing, so once you’ve caught your fill, you can hang out and play at the new barrier-free playground or on the basketball courts, walk on the nature trail, relax under the shade of a tree, visit the aquatic center, or have a picnic at one of the many picnic tables.

Randol Mill Park is also the future home to one of Arlington’s skate parks, so if you’re a skateboarder you can check out that site (it’s where the old playground was located--across the road from the new playground).

Have fun, and happy fishing!

Randol Mill Park is located at 1901 W. Randol Mill Rd. For more information about the Family Fishing Adventure, call 817-459-5474.