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Have a cone of chocolate ice cream: Today is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

If you love chocolate ice cream, then this is your day to celebrate one the most popular ice cream flavors of all time. June 7 is National Chocolate Ice Day. While other flavors are delicious, chocolate ice cream is high on the list after it became popular in the United States in the late nineteenth century.

June 7 is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

Chocolate ice cream is ice cream with natural or artificial chocolate flavoring. Of the five favorite kinds of ice cream, chocolate is the second most common flavor in the United States. It comes in second after vanilla. It can be eaten in a bowl, cup, or cone.

Culinary historians believe that the first ice cream flavors were fruit-based, but by the 18th century both vanilla and chocolate were quite common. President Thomas Jefferson is likely responsible for bringing chocolate ice cream to America because he enjoyed it a lot while living abroad as the Ambassador to France during the 1780s.

Today, the United States produces around 1.6 billion gallons of ice cream each year. Chocolate ice cream is sold in many places, including ice cream parlors, restaurants, cafés, diners, supermarkets, grocery stores, and convenience stores.

Whether you prefer your chocolate ice cream in a cone, a cup, a sundae, or a milkshake, indulge in a scoop today to celebrate National Chocolate Ice Cream Day.

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