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Havana Park District Gym Ghost Hunt

Havana Park District Gym
Havana Park District Gym
Ursula Kalin

Ursula Kalin is the founder of Chicago Paranormal Research Institute. She even has her own show with co-host Jim Kalin. Ursula Kalin is a Clairvoyant who will often hold ghost hunt events at locations with known paranormal activity. Please read her Bio:


"Ursula has always been connected spiritually. Growing up in a family with roots down in the Bayou, readers and candle burning for luck and money were not unusual. Ursula's mother and grandmother both have the gift of sight, although they may not admit it. Ursula did not embrace her gifts until later in life, when she allowed herself to open up spiritually and mentally. Once that happened, the floodgates opened.

Always interested in the paranormal, Ursula began experimenting with EVP's. It was at this time that she started noticing her abilities to communicate with the spirits. No matter what device she used (digital recorder, tape or computer) she was receiving very clear messages. She began experimenting with ghost boxes (radio transmitters that sweep the airwaves) and once again she was getting uncanny messages from beyond. However, these were intelligent responses that referred to her by name and often mentioned her children's names. Her senses began to develop where she began to smell and feel the presence of spirits. As her senses improved, so did her sight. Yes, she was now vividly seeing spirits to point where she could describe their gender, features and clothing.

Ursula suddenly was being contacted from individual all over the globe who were drawn to her because of her gift. They convinced her that she needs to embrace her gift and help others pursue the light. Through a chance meeting over the net, Ursula was introduced to Frank Sumption, creator of the "Frank's Box". He sent one to Ursula because he said he had been hearing her name for year's on the boxes and thought she was supposed to have one. Since that time, he and Ursula have become long distance friends and he has shared a few more boxes with her. Ursula is now using the boxes and meditation to communicate with spirits that are looking to crossover into the light.

So a new chapter has begun, Ursula has encountered a number of individuals who have been drawn to her for advice and counseling. While she was not ready to embrace the inevitable, she now believes she can help many. She was convinced of this when she began uncovering details of individual encounters that she had no prior knowledge. She had never met these people and began telling them about things that were going on in their lives.

Ursula is dedicated to helping the living and the deceased. She lives with her loving supporting family in the Chicago Western suburb."


May 3, 2014: Havana Park District Gym, Havana IL

8:00 p.m. - 8:00 a.m Limited space available. $50.00 per person. This is a Serious Ghost Hunt! (12 hours ) Ursula will guide a limited number of guests through Havana Park District Gym. She will use her mediumship to communicate with the spirits using the ghost box, echovox, and other devices. You are welcome to use your own tools as well. Those of you who have been with Ursula on her other events know that things can get quite interactive. Don't be surprised if she pulls you to the side because one of your loved ones have came through.

"The area of Havana was first surveyed in 1827 for Ossian Ross, who started a canoe ferry across the nearby Spoon River. It is an area rich in Illinois history and lore and the town gained its unusual name because of a river island that they dubbed "Cuba," thanks to the fact that it was shaped like the Caribbean nation. Locals eventually called their town "Havana" because it was next to "Cuba Island." It was incorporated as an Illinois town in 1848. By 1900, it was a well-known fishing and hunting center for the region. The economy boomed and legend has it that its many happenings attracted Chicago city officials, wealthy businessmen, and even mobsters like Al Capone. As the area thrived, new businesses came to town and their streets were lined with hotels, theaters, bars, and gambling houses, all intent on entertaining the fishermen and hunters who flocked to the region. The city remained a bustling place throughout the first half of the twentieth century. Among its businesses were four floating fish markets, three drugstores, banks, scores of restaurants, a movie theater (now believed to be haunted in its own right), taverns, nightclubs, and more. Now long past Havana's population peak, the quiet community slumbers like many other Illinois river towns, attracting visitors to its pleasant location, area history, and the paranormal events that some of the local structures seem to offer. The Old Havana Gym is one such location. A number of ghost researchers have visited the locations in the past and have left the place with a variety of what seems to be evidence of supernatural events."

Is the old gym really as haunted as some people claim? You'll have the chance to find out on May 3, 2014 when Ursula Kalin will guide a limited number of ghost hunters into the experience of the building. This unusual event is not for the faint of heart and flashlights are required!

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